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I keep a box of tissues on the table where I tutor because, as an SAT tutor and seminary concentration consultant, I pay attention to high drill juniors and seniors who are so overwhelmed by academy bully that they begin to cry. Not just girls. Not just Ivy League aspirants.

High discipline students are constantly confident their parents don't absorb them. This time the students are right. Parents don't absorb since the institution admission process is so much more competitive than it was when most parents functional to college.

These are the ten clothes I wish I could tell parents:

1. I am confident that parents have to walk a mile in the student's moccasins to gain some appreciation for the stress the students are under and to antithesis the tension at home. If parents will take an SAT attempt test they will feel some of the same anxiety, cower at their results, and discover that the test is hard. As an alternative of strut 25 pounds of SAT study books on the desk, parents can pity with students over missed problems. Parents and students can befall allies moderately than adversaries as they face the college admission process.

2. Hire SAT prep tutors who focus on the applicable academic background moderately than just the tricks. Escalating a student's assistant professor grounding for the test in accumulation to teaching the tricks increases their confidence on the test and in the classroom; coaching only the tricks makes students more insecure as they are relying on tricks rather than on authentic knowledge.

3. Have the tutors keep the parents educated about each session so that the mother tracks advancement with the tutor rather than harassment the apprentice for information.

4. Have the undergraduate try the ACT. All colleges agree to it and some students do change for the better on it than on the SAT.

5. Make culture fun. For example, have the students memorize vocabulary using the book Vocabulary Cartoons by Sam Burchers, et al. Also, have the learner do the crossword and other word puzzles in SAT Vocabulary Express, the fun book of word puzzles that will become more intense SAT scores. I wrote it with Michael Ashley, a nationally known puzzler, so that our students would learn to play with words, an chief skill for the new SAT.

6. Call attention to in receipt of good grades considerably than good SAT scores. Bs in honors course are advance than As in common classes.

7. Hire an detached seminary analyst who will work with the breed to conceive a realistic institution list, come up with for essay topics, ascertain deadlines for the student, and check all institution applications. High discipline seminary counselors are clich?d and do not have the time to walk families through the process.

8. Appreciate that the schools parents attended may not be within reach for their child. The add up to of high discipline students forecast to apply your mind academy has bigger dramatically; the scholar may be well capable for a particular institution and may still not get in.

9. Look for colleges where the learner will boom academically and socially. Choosing colleges based on their name appreciation and esteem value is a formula that will become more intense stress, not cut it. All else wants to go to those schools, too, assembly them even harder to get into; they are not inevitably the best place for the student. Loren Pope's book, Colleges That Alteration Lives, is a good place to start.

10. Aid your child because of a awkward process. Leave the prodding, nagging, and yelling to the tutors and school counselor. The autonomous school psychoanalyst will tell the student to work harder so the mother doesn't have to. Why ruin the student's last year at home?

Parents can make decisions so that elder year is not be so fraught with angst that category members begin to avoid each other. And, I hate it when my students cry.

Jacqueline Byrne
Author, SAT Vocabulary Convey (McGraw Hill, 10/04)
Partner, Ivy Instructive Services, Finish Plains, New Sport shirt
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