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The Academic world of the West Indies (UWI) has often been viewed as a long-standing partner to Caribbean Governments in nurturing integration and education of our people, and forming strategic alliances.

CARICOM affiliate states are now making an allowance for the business of a lone promote economy. This will mean the all-purpose amputation of all legal and administrative restrictions to trade. Augmented contest among these states is consequently inevitable. The capability of component states to continue the personal property of trade liberalisation will among other equipment depend on the aptitude of its human capital and its culture institutions. The role that UWI is in concert in enabling the associates and countries of the constituency to make the transition will hence come under great scrutiny. Many, together with graduates of the University, accept as true that "UWI basically isn't doing enough!"

UWI's role has been assessed based on changes in its curriculum, the level of intellectual conversation stimulated on the topic among ancestors of the area and the area to which it has facilitated effect advancement by enhancing the regions admission to specialised instruction and equipment transfer.

A major censure levelled alongside the Academe is that it has futile to employ innovative strategies and radical curriculum manufacturing in achieving the transformation essential to purposefully deal with the challenges facing the region.

To the distrust of whether the Academy has enhanced the intellectual capability of the colonize of the region, the counter is an clear yes. But when asked whether its pains have equalled those of dependable universities about the world, the answer is not just as convincing.

Caribbean entrepreneurs argue that UWI has not instilled in its graduates, the dramatic changes in bearing and perspectives necessary to assist the affair sector in confronting the challenges of the CSME. Amidst a climate of high unemployment among graduates, the view is that UWI is not equipping its graduates to seek opportunities for self-employment. Instead, UWI is churning out bookworms that lack consumer vision!

The distrust has also been asked about whether the Academic world has better opportunities for regional cooperation in human, financial and communal development. No doubt, it has played a decisive and hefty role in integrating the associates and countries of the region. In fact, it can be argued that UWI has played a central role in advancing the atmosphere of cooperation and integration that has made the Caribbean distinct marketplace a reality. In association to the "much-lauded" CARICOM Federation, the enduring achievements of the Academic world of the West Indies drive out the opinion that the constituency cannot unite.

But is UWI doing adequate to assist graduates to confront the changes in the intercontinental trading ecosystem and the implications for small, open economies like ours? There is only so much that institutions of the region, such as UWI can do. The big business sector armed with a more educated personnel must now do the rest.

One thing is certain. UWI has over the years engendered a apparition of regional cooperation and Caribbean identity. Exclusive of a doubt, the University, as a regional institution, has served as a alarm in bringing the ancestors and countries of the borough together. To be redolent of or else is to be overly decisive and to call attention to the pains of the Governments, Academy Officials and Graduates who have contributed to this process. But amidst these efforts, Academic world Officials admit that the figures of OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) registrants carry on to decline. More and more students of the borough are looking towards programmes at external universities, albeit self funded and more expensive. Why is that? The counter may lie in the fact that the academe has itself abortive to adapt to the altering climate.

The acquaint with financially viable climate requires the region's tertiary erudition institutions to in a flash bestow a broad base of skilled professionals. This, it is believed, will set in beckon the ability for the borough to compete with the mega trade blocs that have emerged, in hot time. This requires that our culture institutions facilitate more wide broaden and reasonable admission to instruction for the associates of the region. The Urbanized Countries have resorted to online detached knowledge programmes to accomplish this objective. Admittedly, one of the compelling shortcomings of UWI is that while major universities about the world have productively recognized highly regarded online education programmes, "UWI is still frustrating to play catch up. " The lack of an effectual online education programme that facilitates general and cost helpful approach to tertiary education, says it all. In the framework of our geography, it is indicative of the University's incapability to adequately attitude itself to meet the needs of the associates and countries of the region.

Who is to say that UWI's strategies and timing are not in maintenance with the demonstrated needs of its people? The real ask is what role be supposed to UWI play in preparing the county for CSME. Is there a definite role or a aspect air for which it ought to begin to have responsibility? The issue of whether UWI is doing a sufficient amount or what it be supposed to be doing will linger a topic for debate. What is afar dispute is that UWI can and must be doing more to arrange the area for the challenges of the CSME.

Eldonna Lendor is a Big business Strategist, Trade Consultant and Corporate Attorney. Her code of Law and Affair call attention to her exceptionality as a Small Affair Consultant contained by the flow trade environment. She has assisted many small businesses in decline to attend to weaknesses in their operations, convalesce their products, befit export ready and transform their losses into profit. She takes a elite appeal in selection small businesses and would-be entrepreneurs to beat absorb issues linking to large-scale trade and doing develop business. She is the CEO of http://www. patantconsult. com and publisher of eXplosion!, an ezine which provides guidance to small affair entrepreneurs. She is the co-founder of http://www. talkcsme. blogspot. com, a blog, which discusses issues heartwarming personnel and businesses in the Caribbean Definite Marketplace and Cheap (CSME).

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