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The aim to study the flows of culture is out of the increasing alarm of the aim the United States is heading. Exclusive of a doubt the US of A is by far the maximum and most free fatherland in the World. This is not including doubt. However, as our study will show, it can be beat and it is not good an adequate amount of and often fails the colonize to enjoy their right of pursuit of happiness. We ought to for that reason work hard to indemnify that the United States is not painstaking a footnote in World History, a thousand years from now as a great empire of freedom, which imploded or concluded it's life cycle. Went up for 200 years and down for 200.

There is no argue we cannot fix the flows, refine the coordination and give this most gift ever to the rest of the world. Every one wins. There is also no analyze why it cannot work. Such a set of systems and methods, authorization so to speak, will unite the world and set us on classes for a different 200 years of prosperity. There is no analyze that in 1000 years we cannot look back and say that in this cycle we launched the human race on a course of action that misrepresented the world. There is no aim not to start today and absolute this cast and set the course of action in our lifetime. Hence not including a argue not to accomplish this cast it would behoove this species to get busy and get it done. This in depth study will give 10 or more pages (chapters) to each of the flows scheduled above. Where we have done well, where we could build up and observations of the farce of supporting correctness. For us to fix the World, we in the US must lead by example, fix America and at once admit our own mistakes and use that comprehension to fix the world. Our goal is to fix the World, but alas there are so many barriers and restrictions to doing so or assisting in the course of action that we must first fix the flows first and then let the flows help us as we fix the world. You cannot fix the world or encourage others to join your cause if they are hateful, starving, suffering, at war, immovable up in holy dedication or un accommodating in their flow point profiting in the hindrance of flow.

We will show that it is the best for all anxious when the world runs efficiently in all these flows. The power brokers and Powers to be, the companies, the people, our neighbors and the World all stand to do change for the better if the flows are strengthened. This includes the environment, non-profit groups, central class and the under privileged. Why do we care, why am I face-to-face alarmed about all this? Well it affects me in a very individual way as it does every free American and component of the Homo sapiens species. I hope you enjoy this study and be important of factly labors to make these issues understandable to anyone. We are completely enthusiastic to converse and/or consider with any competent being with whatever thing of magnitude to say on this central issue as long as they have the open mind to do so. The lot is allied to the whole lot else, all affects the whole lot else. The whole lot is allied to all else. You are attached with me and we are all one. Hence we ought to act in a conduct that reflects these truths. Wouldn't that be a cool world to live in? Won't you join us at the World Think Tank?

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